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Earth Retaining Walls Buford GA

Retaining Walls and Concrete has been a professional engineered earth retaining wall and concrete contractor in Buford Georgia since 1988. Since that time we have developed construction and material purchasing efficiencies that help keep your driveway and retaining wall cost low while maintaining the most qualified and experienced builders.

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Providing the best retaining wall builders at a competitive price is imperative for homeowners who must stop severe soil erosion, have a driveway supported by a rotten or deteriorating retaining wall, or would simply appreciate a nice even flat yard to increase their property's functional space and enhance their outdoor living experience.

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From timber and natural stone to poured concrete and decorative pre-engineered block, we install all types of retaining walls permitted in Buford, GA. We are happy to go over the many exciting material options, colors and styles for a retaining wall of that meet any relevant HOA, community, city and county building codes.

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It is important for consumers to be aware that retaining wall construction standards are not always the same. There is far more to consider than the lowest estimate!

Why do some retaining walls fail?

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Retaining walls collapse when the proper building steps are not followed and the block is simply stacked.

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Avoid the disaster of a failed or fallen retaining wall by hiring a licensed, professional retaining wall contractor. Find informative steps to qualifying a reliable residential retaining wall builder on the Retaining Walls and Concrete website.

Our walls last because each is designed by a licensed structural engineer who specializes in the construction of earth retaining walls.

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We follow each building step as determined by the engineer's plan including the use of a commercial grade soil compactor to properly compact the soil behind the retaining wall.

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We install geogrid which fortifies the compacted earth ensuring there will be no danger of the soil pushing through the wall after it is completed.

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As the wall is completed, an effective drainage system is integrated which will direct excess water safely through the retaining wall.

Engineered Retaining Walls

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Add a touch of elegance to your retaining wall project by consulting with our landscape architect.

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Retaining Walls with Driveways

Being a professional concrete contractor, we can build a concrete driveway with, or without a supporting retaining wall. However, should your require both, we provide the most affordable solution.

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You will receive a certified engineer's letter and have the work plans for your retaining wall filed with your county courthouse.

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Concrete Driveways

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Concrete driveways with paver aprons, aggregate borders with a brushed or smooth surface; no matter the type of driveway you want, we offer an affordable solution.

Outdoor Fireplaces

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Outdoor fireplaces have become a popular addition to upscale properties and can be designed to match the existing patio, home style and retaining walls.

Paver Patios

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We install any type of patio including all styles of hardscapes, including pervious pavers or poured, colored and stamped concrete.

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